Grant's 'Beefy Bake'

February 07 2023 – Laura Cunningham

Beefy Bake, Steak Bake, Steak Slice... whatever you call it, steak with gravy encased in pastry is a popular lunchtime delicacy. But you don't have to nip out to the local bakers to get this tasty treat, you can make your own at home - with Grant's Premium Stewed Steak. 


Follow the steps below and enjoy your own beefy bake. 


1x Can of Grant's Premium Stewed Steak 

1 x Jus-Rol

1 x Egg



1. Roll your Jus-Rol to the desired size

2. Empty Grant's Premium Stewed Steak onto one side 

3. Fold your Jus-Rol over the Premium Stewed Steak and pinch along the edge to seal your pastry 

4. Using a fork, score the edges of your pastry rol and scored the top

5. Whisk your egg in a cup and use a brush to brush the pastry

6. Put in a pre-heated over and bake for 20 minutes