Beefy Baked Potato

October 30 2022 – Laura Cunningham


Are you looking for a quick and tasty lunch option? The Beefy Baked Potato made with Grant's Minced Beef and Peas. 

This recipe is ideal for single person lunches, but if you're looking to feed more than 1, simply double up your ingredients.

 Ingredients Instructions
1x Can of Grant's Minced Beef & Peas 1. Wash, dry and pierce your potato. 
1x Baking Potato 2. Place your potato in the microwave on a microwavable dish. Start with 4 minutes, then turn your potato and cook for a further 3 minutes. Repeat the process until it's cooked to your liking.
Seasoning to taste 3. Cook your Minced Beef and Peas as per the instructions on the can.
4. Top your baked potato with a dollop of butter and your minced beef and peas filling.


Voila! Enjoy.

Serves 1