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A Scottish Staple

Grant’s Haggis has become a dinner time regular, not just for Burns Night but all year round. Our Premium canned Haggis is sold in over 50 countries around the world and often used by culinary experts in restaurants and hospitality establishments. As cans lock in the freshness from the day it’s made until the day it’s opened. Making it great for those looking for a quick nutritious meal.

Not only has Grant’s become known for their high-quality premium haggis, but we are also known for our famous A&B Roll. The Aberdeen Beef and Belfast Pork delicacy has become something of a national treasure and we’re very excited to announce you can buy it right here on our website. 

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The Past Meets the Future

All Grant’s products are packaged in recyclable steel tin cans (and always have been). All our cans are sealed when the vitamins, minerals and freshness of the food is at its optimum. As a result, our products are just as fresh when you open them, as they were when they were made. 

While we have no plans to change our packaging (why fix something that isn’t broken), we are always striving to make our business, products and packaging more sustainable. Not just for today but for the future.  

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