Factory to Food Bank

Factory to Food Bank with Grant's Foods

Grant’s Foods Ltd is excited to announce our new initiative that offers food banks, soup kitchens and food distribution centres access to our canned meal range at a lower cost with lower emissions and free delivery.

Through our Factory to Food Bank Initiative, we are offering a pallet of at least 100 cases (6 can cases) of our premium canned meals at wholesale costs with free delivery to food banks, soup kitchens and food distribution centres across the country.

This initiative is designed to enable groups of smaller charity food providers to place orders with Grant’s Foods at a lower cost without incurring the hefty delivery costs associated with smaller orders. Alternatively, the Factory to Food Bank Initiative is ideal for food distribution centres who cater to multiple food banks in a particular area.

Each pallet can hold multiple accounts or be paid for by one solitary account provided there is one delivery address and a minimum of 100 cases (6 can cases) per pallet. Not only does this initiative align with our core value of ensuring everyone has access to tasty nutritious meals, but it also aligns with our attempts to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the mileage and carbon emissions on multiple orders.

For more information or to organise a pallet, please complete the contact form below and a member of the team will be in touch with you in 1-2 working days.