Budget Friendly Meals With Grant's

September 07 2022 – Laura Cunningham

With inflation hitting a high of 8.8% this year (and rising), consumers are looking for ways to cut costs and are shopping on a budget. Overall, the year-on-year food cost has risen by 12.6% and as a result, there is even more demand for budget friendly meals. 

While ambient food costs have increased by 7.8% over last year, it is still friendlier on the purse strings than buying fresh produce such as milk, butter and fresh fruit and veg which has seen an increase of 10.5% (according to nationalworld). 

Don't Compromise On Quality

Grant's canned meals are a great option for budget friendly yet nutritious meals. The steel can packaging means our products are sealed when their nutritional value is at it's peak and it remains that way until they are opened - whether that be in 3 days or 3 years. Yes, the best before end of a can of Grant's canned meat is roughly 3 years from the production date. Making them great bulk buy options that will last. 

All Grant's canned meals and our Premium Haggis are free from artificial preservatives and flavouring, meaning they aren't processed and can be enjoyed as part of healthy balanced diet. 

A Diverse Palate

At Grant's we're famous for our canned Haggis, Premium Steak and ofcourse A&B Roll. However, our range isn't limited to these products. We produce an exciting variety of canned foods such as Chilli Con Carne, Chicken Quesadilla, Bolognese, Pulled Pork and even Roast Gammon. All of which have their goodness sealed in on the day of production. 

Not only are our meals delicious and nutritious, they are also quick and easy to make. Check out our 3-Step Meal recipes here.

You can buy any Grant's Foods canned meals right here on our website in packs of 6 or 12 cans. Shop the range.


Chicken Quesadilla With Grant's Foods Grant's Beef Bolognese Grant's Foods Chicken curry