A&B Roll Is Back!

September 01 2022 – Laura Cunningham

Grant's Foods classic favourite is back by popular demand! 

Production of A&B Roll ended in 2020 as we focussed our efforts on providing support to supermarket chains and foodbanks throughout the country during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, in recent months, we've been inundated with messages, emails and phone calls from the public asking "where can we get A&B roll?" Due to the growing popularity of this Grant's classic, we have decided to bring it back, exclusively to our new website. 

What Is A&B Roll?

Grant's A&B Roll contains Beef and Ham which is delicately spiced making it a tasty alternative to Corned Beef. The name comes from the historical source of the meats, originally Aberdeen Beef and Belfast Ham.

How Can You Eat A&B Roll?

Much like SPAM or normal corned beef, A&B Roll can be sliced and spread on bread, as part of a salad, with chips and beans for a hearty dinner or made into a hash. 

If you're an adventurous foodie who has experimented with A&B Roll recipes, we'd love to hear from you on our social media channels. 

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