A&B Roll Is Back!

September 21 2023 – Laura Cunningham

Grant's Foods Classic Favourite Returns: A&B Roll is Back by Popular Demand! 

In 2020, as the world dealt with the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, Grant's Foods made a heartfelt decision. We redirected our efforts and resources to provide crucial support to retailers and third sector organisations across the country. This meant temporarily pausing production of one of our beloved classics, A&B Roll. 

However, as the months passed, something remarkable happened. We started receiving an overwhelming number of messages, emails, and phone calls from the public, all asking the same question: "Where can we get A&B Roll?" It became clear that A&B Roll had won the hearts of many, and its absence was keenly felt. 

Responding to this unprecedented demand and in appreciation of the love our customers have for this Grant's classic, we've made a decision. A&B Roll is making a triumphant return. Following the success of its exclusive return to our website, we’re excited to offer the opportunity to stock Grant’s A&B Roll to retailers and wholesalers across Scotland. 

What Exactly Is A&B Roll? 

Grant's A&B Roll is a delicious blend of Beef and Ham, delicately spiced to create a mouth-watering alternative to traditional Corned Beef. The name itself harks back to the historical sources of these meats, originally sourced from Aberdeen Beef and Belfast Ham. 

Ways to Savour A&B Roll 

The versatility of A&B Roll knows no bounds. Much like SPAM or conventional corned beef, A&B Roll can be sliced and served on bread for a classic sandwich, added to a fresh salad for an extra punch, served alongside chips and beans for a hearty dinner, or transformed into a delectable hash. 

Are you an adventurous foodie who has come up with creative A&B Roll recipes? We'd love to hear from you! Share your culinary experiments with us on our social media channels, and let's celebrate the return of this timeless favourite together. 

The comeback of this classic is sure to bring joy to many households once again! 

For more information on A&B Roll including wholesale pricing and minimum order quantities, contact us through trade contact form here.